Full-Service Hot Tub Removal -Denver Area- Altitude Hauling

Hot Tub Removal by Altitude Hauling 

Altitude Hauling offers full-service Hot Tub Removal. Let our team get that old hot tub or spa out of your yard. Do you have an old hot tub that has been sitting around? Don’t let the hot tub take up energy and space anymore! Altitude Hauling will come out and remove your hot tub today. Our team has all the tools to make the job easy and quick. Our team arrives on site within 24 hours of calling. We take all types and sizes of hot tubs. From small single or double person hot tubs to large 8-10 person hot tubs. Our trucks are equivalent to 6 pickups which means we can haul away your old hot tub in one load.

Hot Tubs are some of the most challenging removals do to by yourself. They are large, heavy and difficult to move. Your team at Altitude Hauling is ready to tackle the job though. We have to tools and experience for any size hot tub, spa, jacuzzi removal job. Our truck team of 2 uniformed team members can load, and cut down the hot tub as necessary. We will also remove any decking as necessary.

Preparing for a Hot Tub Removal

Altitude Hauling will do all the heavy lifting there are however a few items that will make the process go smoother and faster prior to arrival

  • Disconnect the Hot Tub from the power source (our team does not do any electrical work)
  • Drain the Hot Tub, Spa or Jacuzzi of any water (this includes any standing water in the seats) Try and do this a few days prior to arrival so the hot tub can dry.
  • Leave a clear path for the team
  • And that’s it!

Hot Tub Removal Doesn’t Get Any Easier

We make it as simple as we can for your Hot Tub Removal job. Altitude Hauling is Denver’s premier Junk Removal company. While we are on site we would be glad to assist with any Junk Removal job you might have as well. We take everything including concrete, wood, electronics, furniture and much more.

Hot Tub Removal Cost

Time to answer the BIG question. How much is this going to cost me? The average Hot Tub Removal job runs around $400-$500 depending on the size of your hot tub. All labor, taxes and disposal fees are included in these prices. We offer fair, upfront, competitive pricing with no surprises at the end. Call today to schedule your Hot Tub Removal. You can also save $20 and book your job online.

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