Furniture Removal 101: A Plan to Remove the Junk that is Weighing you Down

Furniture Removal SolutionsYou may be a pro at cleaning and decluttering. Perhaps you have spent the past several weeks, days or hours putting the finishing touches on your home junk removal project that you had meticulously planned, and then worked incredibly hard to execute. Your massive organizational and furniture removal project may have earned you a newly clean, organized and junk-free space. However, you now have piles of junk you must get rid of.

There will be boxes marked for donation. Bags of items that are nothing but garbage, and inevitability there will be large furniture items that need to go. So what do you do with large furniture pieces, whether in good condition, or bad, that is creating junk in your life?

You have a few options available to help you get rid of the junk for good, and remove the old furniture that has been weighing you down.


Sell It

If your furniture is in good condition sell it.  If it’s not considered junk then you can donate or sell it.  Also, perhaps doesn’t work with your space anymore, then you could consider selling it. Have the buyer coordinate removal and transport of the furniture from your property.

Selling your old furniture is a viable option if it is in good condition.  If it isn’t very old or is a collection piece. It also has an added benefit of putting money in your pocket.  This solves the issue of old furniture removal and freeing up some much-needed space.

If selling your furniture isn’t an option, which for many it is not, Altitude Hauling is here to help. Altitude Hauling serves the Denver, Thornton, and Arvada areas and they can solve your furniture removal needs. There is no need for you to throw your old saggy couch or stained mattress to the curb when Altitude Hauling can remove your unwanted furniture for you.

Donate It

If your furniture is in good condition Altitude Hauling will donate your used pieces to local charities and resale stores in Denver, Thornton, and Arvada. Altitude Hauling cares about the environment and does everything that they can to keep waste out of the landfills. Keep in mind that used furniture suitable for donation should meet the following standards:

  • Furniture of good condition
  • No stains, rips, smells
  • Non-existent of major damage to wood surfaces
  • No bug infestations or mold
  • Appliances should be in working order

Also, while Altitude Hauling is picking up your old furniture, they can pick up the rest of your junk as well. They can dispose of all of the junk that you collected during your junk removal process. They will be happy to donate all of your items you have marked, and dispose of the rest.

Junk It – Furniture Removal

If your old furniture is not suited for selling or donation, then it is just considered junk. Altitude Hauling will remove your old furniture as well as any other junk saving you time and saving your back.

Altitude Hauling is proud to serve the Denver, Thornton, and Arvada areas removing junk from homes. We are here to help you reclaim your space and make junk removal fast and easy.

Contact Altitude Hauling today for all of your furniture removal and junk hauling needs.

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