Junk Removal Aurora

Junk Removal Aurora Colorado

Junk Removal in Aurora Colorado

You may have questions when it comes to selecting an Aurora junk hauling company for your junk removal needs. Altitude Hauling is a locally owned and operated full-service junk hauling company and specializes in many aspects of junk removal from hauling small junk items to light demolition of hot tubs, sheds, decks, kitchen cabinets and more. Altitude Hauling works to serve the Aurora, Colorado, area with any junk hauling needs in an effort to make junk removal easy and efficient for our customers.

When you schedule your junk removal with us, you’ll be shocked at how much free time you’ll have!  Instead of spending all of your free weekends decluttering and taking trips to your local dump, let us handle this project in a matter of hours!  You’ll have so much more time to explore the awesome local parks we have and try some new brews at Cedar Creek Pub.  We want you to be able to take advantage of all that our community has to offer and have more free time to spend with your friends and family.  Let us help by taking your Aurora junk removal project off your hands!

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Who is Altitude Hauling?

The Aurora Altitude Hauling team is professionally trained to meet all of your junk hauling needs. We do whatever it takes to remove the junk from your property; whether that means small junk removal or light demolition, multiple trips, or long walks, we can handle anything! We are determined to remove your junk and leave our customers satisfied.

Our team is made up of members of the Aurora community just like you, so we care to go the extra mile and give you superior customer service!

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What kind of Junk will Altitude Take?

Altitude Hauling will gladly remove and haul away your old furniture, appliances, and electronics and more. We perform garage, attic and whole-home clean-outs as well. In addition to hauling off your old couches, loveseats, and dining room table sets, we can also demolish and remove your old decks, sheds, hot tubs, bricks and more!

The only things that we don't take are hazardous materials, like paint, chemicals and other materials that may harm our team.

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How Much Does it Cost?

Altitude Hauling charges by the truckload, which equals about 16 cubic yards. Altitude Hauling will also present you with a no-obligation estimate before starting your junk removal job.

Our services include pick-up, disposal, labor, and removal. We have a $125 minimum and a full truckload costs $595.

If you have items that you want removed and aren't really junk, we will gladly take them to a donation station and send you the tax-deductible form!

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Hire Altitude Hauling

Are you ready to say goodbye to your junk and say hello to new-found space?

When you call Altitude Hauling, we will be at your property ready to remove your junk within 24-hours from the time that you book your job!

Altitude Hauling is ready to solve your junk problems today!

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