Concrete Removal Made Simple By Altitude Hauling

Altitude Hauling Concrete Removal

Your team here at Altitude Hauling is proud to offer full-service concrete removal. Do you have an old sidewalk, patio or driveway that is ready to go?  One quick call to Altitude Hauling and we can get the job done with 48 hours. Our team can handle everything from patios, sidewalks, retaining walls, brick surfaces and more. We have the knowledge, tools, and experience to handle your concrete removal job.

Removing concrete isn’t always a D-I-Y task. You need the proper tools to get the job done right. Even after renting our buying the expensive tools you still need to handle the disposal of the concrete. Don’t want the stress or a headache? Call the pros at Altitude Hauling today!

Jobs We Can Tackle:

  • Sidewalk Removal
  • Patio Slab Removal
  • Driveway Removal
  • Retaining Wall Removal
  • Interior Concrete Removal
  • Other types? Call Us!

Concrete Removal Pricing

While the typical junk removal job is easy to price concrete removal can be tougher to estimate without getting an on-site estimate. Typically costs run between $5-$9 per square foot. There are several factors that play into that price. Some of the factors include the type and thickness of the concrete, access to the site, size of the slab that is being removed, and more. The best thing is to give us a call to schedule a free on-site estimate and our team can look at the job in person.

We offer fair, competitive pricing typically about 20% less than our competitors. This is because we are a locally owned business with our owner on the truck to lower the cost for you.

Don’t Delay Any Longer

You don’t need to put off that concrete removal job any longer. The team at Altitude Hauling is ready to help with your job. Let our small, family-owned business take all the stress and headaches away. Our fully insured team is ready to tackle that concrete removal job. We service Denver and the surrounding cities.

We Do Junk Removal Too!

While we are on-site let us handle any junk removal needs for you as well. Do you have old furniture sitting around? An old TV or refrigerator doesn’t have to sit in the corner anymore. While we are out there helping with your concrete removal job let the team tackle any junk you have laying around.  Along with being the best concrete removal company, we are the #1 junk removal experts in Denver. Want to find out more? Contact our friendly team today!

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