Fence Removal

Do you ever look outside your window and see that eyesore of a fence? At one point, it served its purpose, but now, it’s falling apart and taking up space. Wouldn’t your backyard look nicer as an open space without a deteriorating wall all around it? Luckily, Altitude Hauling is here to give you the fence removal you need! Don't hesitate to give us a call today. Our team is ready to help you!


Altitude Hauling: The Highest Standard for Fence Removal

So you’ve decided you want fence removal, but you don’t know who your best option is? Choose Altitude Hauling, your local professionals at all things junk hauling, whether it’s furniture, hot tubs, or even—you guessed it—your old fence! Our mission is to save you time and money by providing a service that’s unbeatable in any category. Reliability, trustworthiness, and giving you an inexpensive fence removal cost are what we’re all about. That means you can say goodbye to that old fence and feel good about it!

About Altitude Hauling

What makes Altitude Hauling truly special is its team. When you reach out to us for our services, you’ll get to know us pretty quickly. Whether you’re doing business with Brandon, Jayna, or Nathan, you’ll come to appreciate our friendly and down-to-earth way of going about our work. You can also feel good about supporting a local business to help with your fence removal. Our team will do the job done right for you and make you yet another one of our satisfied customers.

Getting Started

Let’s begin together! First, drop us a phone call, or book online using our website’s scheduling tool. Either way you go about it, you’ll be in contact with us rather shortly! Then, tell us about your fence removal job, and we’ll happily give you an over-the-phone cost estimate. Finally, a 2-hour arrival window will let you know when to expect our arrival.

On the day of your appointment, we’ll arrive at your site, check out the fence situation, and give you a one-time, in-person quote as your fence removal cost. Altitude Hauling wants to make you happy, and we know that part of that is a fair price that doesn’t empty your wallet. When you agree to that quote, we’ll get to tearing that fence down right away. Once we’re done, you’ll appreciate all that extra room in your yard—so spacious and green! You might even think you’d been warped a few miles away and into the middle of the scenic Rocky Mountain Arsenal.

Don’t Wait!

That all sounds pretty nice, doesn’t it? Then you know that Altitude Hauling can give you fence removal that simply can’t be beat. So, why don’t we go ahead and start working out the details? Just give us a phone call or book online to reach out to us today. Before too long, our team will be at your site and ready to make that old fence go away for good!