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Local, Full-Service Greenwood Village Junk Removal

Altitude Hauling is the local junk removal business that’s ready to help! Need junk removal in Greenwood Village? Then you’ve got the right team for the job. Our professional team is more than happy to do the work for you and save you the hassle of hauling heavy, uncomfortable junk items on your own. Best of all, we’ll do it for a fair price!

Altitude Hauling Crew Member Holding Garbage

What We Haul

At Altitude Hauling, the sky's the limit when it comes to what we can haul away for you! We can take lots of junk items, including:

  • General junk, clutter, and trash
  • Furniture and mattresses
  • Appliances and electronics
  • Construction debris and yard debris
  • See all our services!
  • Altitude Hauling Crew Member With Yard Waste

    Why Altitude Hauling?

    We believe we're the best junk removal business in the region, and based on our five-star reviews, it seems like our clients agree. Here's what makes us better than the rest:

  • Good work ethic. We get the job done... and fast.
  • Great prices. Get an upfront, volume-based quote,
  • Friendly. You'll love our down-to-earth attitude.
  • On time. Count on us to never be late.
  • So call Altitude Hauling today for all your Denver junk removal needs!

    Cost of Greenwood Village Junk Removal

    At Altitude Hauling, we're happy to provide quality junk removal services for a fair and honest price. It doesn't matter whether you're in Greenwood Village or another one of our service areas... our prices can't be beat, no matter where you are.

  • We offer you an upfront quote based on the volume of junk to be hauled.
  • Once you accept our quote, the price is final. No hidden fees.
  • Support a local business, save money, and boost your local economy!
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  • Denver Area Junk Removal Pros, Ready to Work!

    Altitude Hauling, located in the Denver area, happily serves the nearby communities by providing top-notch junk removal services you won’t find anywhere else! We pride ourselves on our junk removal team because we know they’re better than the competition. We’re happy to help, ready to work, and ready to do it for a fair rate. Compare that to the franchise-based competitors who overcharge you. The correct choice is obvious, so choose local!

    No matter your junk removal needs, we’re here to help! Single-item pickups are fair game, and so are top-to-bottom house cleanouts. Chances are, if you’ve got junk, we can help you get rid of it. Let’s work out a solution to your junk problem together!

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