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Remove your Old Furniture with Altitude Hauling

Removing old furniture can be a hassle and time-consuming. Why not count on a junk removal company like Altitude Hauling to do the heavy lifting for you? Altitude Hauling has the tools to get the job done and can remove a few pieces of furniture or an entire house full. When you contact Altitude Hauling there is no need to worry about your old broken sofa sitting at the curb or lingering in your garage or basement. Altitude Hauling will pick it up and remove it right away. By hiring us, we’ll make sure you don’ t have to do any of the work; just tell us what you want gone, and we’ll make it happen! When you pick Altitude Hauling, you’ll have your furniture removed quickly, easily, and always with a focus on being eco-friendly. We’ll help you get to the clean, decluttered home or office you dream of!

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The Altitude Hauling Difference

Altitude Hauling is trained to handle your furniture removal needs. As a locally owned and operated business, we care about the quality of service we provide to our community! We promise you'll be satisfied when you hire us to meet your furniture removal needs. Our affordable pricing and quality of service ensures that you'll be glad you called Altitude Hauling!

Our trucks are large and can handle a few pieces of furniture or an entire housefull, so you don't have to worry if your furniture removal job is too big.

In addition, we pride ourselves on fast turnaround time because we know you have a busy schedule. We will be at your location to complete your furniture removal job within 24-hours from the time that you contact us.

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Furniture Removal

If the furniture that you would like removed is still in good condition, Altitude Hauling will be happy to transport your items to a local charity for donation. Altitude does everything we can to keep waste out of landfills.

This includes making the effort to give gently used furniture and other household items to local nonprofits and recycle whatever we can. We'll even email you a tax write-off form, so you'll save money from your donations! With Altitude Hauling, we'll get the job done the right way.

When you hire Altitude Hauling, you'll have your furniture removal needs met and help out the Denver community as well! Since we're local, we care about giving back--just like you.

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Contact Altitude Hauling

If you are ready to say goodbye to your old furniture, give us a call today and we will be happy to provide you with a no-obligation quote. We promise to never introduce hidden fees or overcharge you when you need furniture removal.

Altitude Hauling makes sure that our customers are happy and know who to call when they need furniture removal, junk removal, or demolition services in the future!

While we are removing old furniture, consider getting rid of other items that might be weighing you down. Altitude Hauling is a full-service junk removal company!

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