Altitude Hauling can remove many types of concrete, including sidewalks, patios, brick walkways, and more.

Full Service, No Headaches

Removing concrete is not an easy task. It isn't a weekend DIY project - even if you manage to break up the concrete, where will you take it and how will you get it there? Let us handle the entire process for you. No stress, no hassle.


Pricing for concrete removal depends on several different factors. These include the type and thickness of the concrete, access to the site, size of the slab that is being removed, and more. Typical concrete removal costs about $5-$9 per square foot. Give us a call to schedule a firm estimate for concrete removal today!

Quick Turnaround

Altitude Hauling is proud to offer rapid turnaround times for concrete removal. We can generally have a concrete removal job started within two days of booking. The length of the job depends on the scale of the work and the accessibility of the job site. If the concrete must be removed by hand, the length of the job may increase. Contact us for more details about your specific concrete removal needs.


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