What We Take

Common Items We Accept
Whether you have a couch, mattress, kitchen table, armoire, or something else, we'll get it out and dispose of it properly!
General Junk
We'll take old books, boxes, toys, kitchenware, knick knacks, and all sorts of other general junk! As long as it isn't hazardous, we'll haul it.
Got an old fridge, range, washer and dryer, microwave, water heater, or other appliance you need removed? No problem!
TVs and Electronics
Tube TVs, DVD players, radios, speakers, and other electronics can be difficult to get rid of. Not for Altitude Hauling!
Hot Tubs
Got an old hot tub that no longer works or takes up too much space? We'll disassemble and remove your hot tub no matter where it is!
Got a shed or other small structure you want gone? We'll demolish and remove it for you!
Construction Debris
Have you just renovated? We'll haul away your debris, including wood, metal, siding, drywall, flooring, countertops, cabinets, sinks, and more!
Had a big party or miss your trash day? No problem! Altitude Hauling offers trash removal, too!

Other Items We Accept

Couches and love seats
Dressers and other wood furniture
Office furniture and equipment
Armoires and wardrobes
Entertainment centers
Clothing and toys
Mattresses and box springs
Grills and fire rings
Outdoor furniture
Yard waste and debris
Boxes and decorations
Household goods and trash
Treadmills and exercise equipment
Trampolines and play sets
Other general junk

Items We Cannot Accept

Oil and antifreeze
Wet paint
Pesticides and herbicides
Gasoline and other flammables
Pressurized containers or aerosols
Items in unsafe locations