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When it’s time to replace carpeting, it can be a huge inconvenience. First, of course you have to find the means to rip the carpets out, and then you have to deal with the disposal and the expenses that come with it. Between all that work, we believe the process should be kept simple. That’s why we offer full-service carpet removal! Our carpet removers are fully equipped to handle the removal, disposal, and cleanup involved with the job in a timely manner. Whether you need residential or commercial carpet removal, Altitude Hauling has you covered! We have experience with all sorts of clients and always get the job done up to, if not beyond,  their standards.

Locally-owned in Thornton, our company serves countless locations in and around Denver, CO!

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Altitude Hauling is among the best carpet removal companies, ever. That’s because our company pairs top-tier service with a fair carpet removal cost so your experience is easy and stress-free! Instead of charging you an unexpected, inflated price at check-out, we let you know your total rate in advance. We have a universal, volume-based system, so every service gets prices fairly! Before we get the ball rolling, we make sure you approve of our price by presenting you a free quote accounting for all costs.

If you thought that a carpet removal service is all we offer, you’d be mistaken. Altitude Junk Hauling is a one-stop shop in Denver when you need to get rid of just about anything! We provide a wide range of services like demolition, accepting a variety of different items on a daily basis. Not sure if we accept your junk? Try us! We’re open 7 days a week, so don’t hesitate to call us. 


  1. The first step is to book our crew. You can either schedule your carpet removal service online or over-the-phone. 
  2. Next, we’ll call you to let you know haulers are on the way to you. Don’t worry, they’ll arrive on time or early! In fact, they’ll give you a courtesy call when on the way.
  3. Once they arrive, haulers will ask to see your carpets. From there, they’ll give you a free upfront quote!
  4. Before pros can start the job, you must accept our price. Once the quote’s approved, they’ll remove that carpet!

Wool Carpet Removal

Coming to Altitude Junk Removal for a carpet removal service is the perfect move because it saves you from the entire removal and disposal processes. And yes, that means you can kick back, relax, or focus on other things while we handle it! Let’s say that you have an old, wool carpet that’s reached its expiration date. Just call us to book, await our team, and approve your free quote! From there, our team will break out the proper tools to uproot your carpet. They’ll quickly pry off your carpet from floorboards, starting from the walls and working inward. And soon enough, your old carpet will be all rolled up and load-ready! Next, our haulers will pack your carpets onto trucks and sweep up your bare floors. Once you pay us, we’ll be out of your hair. And finally, our haulers off to disposal of your carpet safely. We’ll do our best to keep your carpet out of landfills by prioritizing recycling!

About Us

Altitude Junk Removal provides the most reliable and affordable carpet removal service in Denver! As a locally-owned company, our prices are as low as can be, without any extra fees. We also have a service approach that’s centered around you! Our team always puts you first, even before they arrive at your appointment. Just give us a call and you’ll see how driven we are to serve you! To top it off, we always end every service with a nice sweep-up and eco-friendly disposal. We do our best to donate and recycle everything we can, and responsibly dispose of the rest. That way, we help keep useful items from being wasted while giving back to our communities!

Do you need a structure demolished? Or perhaps, there’s an old, broken appliance on your hands that can go. No matter what junk is bothering you, we can take it off your hands. We’ll gladly accommodate to your busy schedule and tricky circumstances, too! After all, we’ve been in the field for years, and have seen and done junk removal jobs of all shapes and sizes. Even for those that prefer to tackle their own clean out jobs, we offer a reasonable, cost-efficient solution: dumpster rentals. With us, there’s something for everyone who’s got junk on their hands in Denver!

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Incredible!! From the estimate to the final haul. Professional!!! Fair!!! Clean!! Organized!!! Prices are lower than 3 others I called. Most importantly, dependable! Others cxl. No show. Altitude was on time, efficient, you won't get this from others. I had them 2x at my gallery space. Their staff isn't the guys off Colfax looking for " Day " work! These men are hard workers and professional. That is ALL I need in a company . I highly recommend.

customer Elizabeth M.

Highly recommended! They promptly confirmed the appointment I booked online. They called me the day of and asked if it was okay to come 30 minutes early. When they arrived, they were professional and very quick. Plus I received $20 off for making the appointment online. Super easy company to work with.

customer Jeff S.

From start to blessed finish, this company exceeded expectations. It was so easy to schedule online. For a confirmation email and instructions, as well as a reminder the day before. They were on time and gave a call thirty minutes ahead of arrival as promised. I was able to leave and run an errand while they worked, and by the time I returned they were done! I'm very impressed and will use them again if I ever have the need. Thanks guys!

customer Becky T.

The owner and his wife are fantastic! He came to pick up my items and did a great job. He even swept out my garage. I will absolutely use his services again and will recommend them to anyone I know who needs the services they offer which are quite a few.

customer Anne B.
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