E-Waste: What Is It And Why Can’t I Put It In The Trash?

Everything You Need To Know About Electronic Waste

You may have heard that you shouldn’t dispose of electronics the same way you dispose of your trash.  While this is true, a lot of people aren’t sure how to properly get rid of their old, unwanted electronics or why, even, they need to be disposed of carefully.  This e-waste recycling guide will explain why we try to keep electronics out of landfills and what you can do to make sure you get rid of your electronics the right way.

What is E-Waste?

Electronic waste, or e-waste, encompasses any electronic, as you can imagine.  Old televisions, copiers, VCRs, computers and computer parts, and much more would fall into this category.  Since technology changes so rapidly, a lot of our electronics quickly become outdated and lose their value.  We are continually replacing our electronics at home.  This means we end up with drawers filled with old MP3 players, cell phones, handheld gaming systems, and other technologies that are no longer compatible with today’s technology.  You might as well get rid of them!  However, it is important that you don’t treat these objects like trash but rather get rid of them carefully.

Why Can’t We Throw Away E-Waste?

A lot of people just toss their old electronics in the trash.  Altitude Hauling doesn’t recommend doing this.  Because of the toxic chemicals that are inside of certain electronic components, many of these items are considered hazardous.  The acids in batteries, for instance, can contaminate the ground and air near landfills.  This is why we discourage putting e-waste in the garbage.

So What Can We Do With E-Waste?

A good idea would be to keep electronics separate from your other waste items.  Don’t throw them away!  To get rid of them, you’ll need to find an e-waste recycling center near you.  These centers know how to properly recycle certain components of e-waste and also dispose of the hazardous components in order to limit the amount of contamination that occurs in landfills.  All you need to do is research e-waste recycling centers and see if there’s a location near you.  Some stores, such as Best Buy, have an in-store e-waste recycling drop off that anyone can use.  Going out of your way to dispose of these items is so helpful to our community and environment in the long run.

If you have accumulated a lot of old electronics over the years, just give Altitude Hauling a call.  We can meet you at your property to pick all of those up for you!  We’ll take the time to sort them to make sure they are taken to the proper disposal facilities.  Our team can make your life easier by taking on this task for you.

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