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Which Grill is Better: Charcoal or Gas?

There are a lot of factors that contribute to your response to this question. It seems like an age old debate; while some hold unwavering opinions, the better question is: Which grill is right for you and your lifestyle? When you make your decision, Altitude Hauling can help you dispose of your old grill so you can make room for the best option for you. Our grill removal service is just one of many services offered by our expert team of junk removal specialists. In this blog, we’ll look at how charcoal and gas grills fare in a few different categories to help you determine which will be a better fit for you.


The factor of convenience when it comes to grilling depends upon your level of experience. While charcoal grills aren’t too hard to master, they take more practice to be efficient than gas. Gas grills are a simple and easy-to-use choice that is perfect for beginners and grill masters alike. Charcoal grills will take longer to heat, despite giving of the nice, smoky taste that grill aficionados seek after. If you want to fix a quick meal after a long day, gas will be the better option for you. Some alternatives to gas or charcoal grills, like electric grills, are a popular option for quick grilling that can be indoors.


Taste differences between charcoal and gas grills can be subjective depending on what you are using them to make. Most people can’t tell the difference between the taste of a hamburger on a gas or charcoal grill in a blind taste-test. However, some grill favorites, like steak, have a noticeably smoky aroma when cooked on a charcoal grill. Gas grills can still get the job done, but there’s nothing better than charcoal for a steak. If you want to infuse the same distinct smoky flavor into your vegetables, chicken, or anything you want slow-roasted, charcoal reigns supreme.


Cost can be one of the biggest factors when determining what grill you want to buy. Different brands and sizes will vary in price, but generally a charcoal grill will be cheaper; it’s important to note that while the grill itself may not set you back as much as a gas grill, the fuel used will be more expensive. To determine the cheaper option of the two, you need to think about the amount of charcoal you’ll need. If you plan to use your grill infrequently, but don’t want to compromise on the taste provided by a charcoal grill, go with your gut! If price isn’t a deterrent for you, and you prefer convenience over flavor, then gas is a perfect choice; but gas and charcoal grills aren’t the only possibility when researching for your next grill purchase.

Alternatives for Your Grilling Needs

There are options outside of charcoal and gas grills that you may want to consider. We already mentioned the ease and convenience of electric grills, but more types exist. Compared to the two, electric is one of the easiest and most affordable (depending on size), but might not appease the pickiest of grill experts. If you are looking for quality over price, pellet grills are a great option. Investing in a pellet grill is just that, an investment. Don’t expect these grills to come cheap, as they’ll cost at least a few hundred dollars. If you are an avid grill user, you probably know that pellet is one of the best. This grill uses small pieces of mesquite, hickory, or cherry wood to create an unmistakable smoky flavor. They heat quickly and can be used for virtually anything (think grilling, barbecuing, smoking, or even braising), so they’re a versatile option.

Quick and Easy Grill Removal Service

These tips should help you make the decision between gas or charcoal. When you decide to replace your old grill, Altitude Hauling’s grill removal service can help you dispose of it! As junk removal experts, our highly professional team know the ins-and-outs of what you need from a grill removal service, so you’ll can rest assured the job will get done right. Book now today!

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