Junk Removal Prices in Boulder, CO: What to Expect

Altitude Hauling junk removal truckAn Introduction to Junk Removal Prices in Boulder, CO

Boulder, CO is located about twenty-five miles away from Denver, making it a go-to destination for people who already visiting the area. Once you start exploring it, you will find that Boulder has a lot to offer. There are museums, shops, restaurants, and even opportunities for higher education via the University of Colorado. However, being able to enjoy all these different places requires money. In other words, you won’t want to blow all your cash in an attempt to get rid of your junk. However, what junk removal prices are reasonable? What can you expect to pay when it’s time to remove unwanted items from your space?

Whether you do junk removal on your own or let the professionals at Altitude Hauling handle it for you, there are always costs involved with the process. However, paying money is often the path to being able to save other things, such as time, energy, and peace of mind. Let’s delve deeper into this topic and learn more about the specifics of junk removal prices in Boulder, CO!

DIY Junk Removal: Is It Worth It?

Many people, in an attempt to get rid of their junk for the lowest cost possible, resort to the do-it-yourself process. So, does this actually work? Consider the fact that you’ll be handling all the physical labor for yourself. Since there won’t be a professional crew that will need to be paid, then the cost of junk removal goes down considerably. However, you will wind up paying with your time and energy instead. So while your wallet might still have plenty of cash in it after the do-it-yourself junk removal process, you might be completely exhausted as a consequence!

Keep in mind that you will need to take all that junk to a local disposal site. This requires a sufficiently large vehicle, which will burn gas on its way to the landfill or transfer station. Additionally, you should also expect to pay dump fees upon arriving at the disposal site. In other words, even when you’re “doing it yourself”, there are still going to be monetary costs involved in the process.

altitude hauling truckLocal Junk Removal Cost

Let’s say that you really, really don’t want to resort to DIY junk removal. However, you’re still probably going to want to find the cheapest junk removal service out there—without sacrificing too much quality, of course. In many cases, it’s the local businesses that can provide you with the lowest rates. The reason for this is simple. Local businesses aren’t part of a franchise. As a result, they don’t have to pay licensing fees, additional overhead costs, or royalties. This is why Altitude Hauling can haul away your junk in Boulder, CO for a price that beats the competition.

However, just like any other junk removal business, there are some fees we still have to pay. We have to fuel up our truck so we can drive it around our service area. We have to pay our excellent team so they can put groceries on their table. In addition, we also have to pay for our insurance, which will ease the worries of any potential slip-ups or accidents.

How Volume-Based Pricing Works

Altitude Hauling determines the cost of any given job by estimating how much truck space the junk will need. We’re actually seasoned professionals when it comes to cost estimates, meaning our customers get to know what they’re paying from the beginning of their appointment. With our volume-based prices, every job of every size is assigned a fair price, too. For example, you can expect a single-item pickup to be inexpensive, while a whole house junk removal cost will be understandably higher.

At Altitude Hauling, we don’t add hidden fees to our customers’ bills, either. That way, they are never caught off guard at the end of their appointment when it’s time to pay. By playing fair, we keep our clients happy, as well as keeping more of their money in their wallets.

Receive a Cost Estimate Today

As you’ve learned, junk removal services in Boulder, CO require some form of payment. After all, junk removal is hard work, and you’re not going to find anyone who can do it for free. However, by being a smart shopper, you can find the best junk removal near you and save both time and money in the process. Altitude Hauling will do what it takes to make it happen for you!

We are even happy to provide you with a junk removal estimate. That way, you can get an idea of what you’d pay with us before you’ve even booked an appointment. Please, provide us with some details about your junk removal project using our contact form. Or speak to one of our team members over the phone by dialing 303-459-2255.

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