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Bed Bug Removal in Denver 

Has your home and furniture become infested with bed bugs? Well don’t worry anymore, Altitude Hauling is here. Our professional junk hauling team is ready to help with your bed bug removal. Bed bugs can be miserable. They have crawled around and gotten over all your furniture. They are in your bed, couch and clothing. Once the infestation has occurred they are almost impossible to get rid of. But, with one call to Altitude Hauling, your bed bugs can be taken care of. Our team has years for experience removing bed bugs from the home. Once you call us, our team will head out with all the tools necessary tools to remove all the furniture that has become infested.

Where Does My Furniture Go?

Once our team has removed from your home all the furniture that had bed bugs off to the dump it goes. With most junk removal jobs we attempt to donate the items when possible. Donations typically depend on the wear and tear of the item as well as the need for certain items. Donation locations will not take items that have been infested with bed bugs. This, of course, leaves us no option except to bring the items to the landfill.

Don’t Delay Call Altitude Today

We realize if you are looking up bed bug removal it is typically an urgent job. Once the call is placed our team will arrive that same day to tackle the job and get your home back to normal. There is a minor surcharge for Tyvex suites that are required for our team to wear during the job. Other than that normal pricing applies. We charge based on the amount of space your items take up in our trucks. Our prices start at $115 and work through 12 different price points up to a full truckload rate. Looking for the best deal? Book Online and Save $20 on your bed bug removal job.

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