Hot Tub Removal in Westminster

Full-Service Hot Tub Removal in Westminster

Getting a hot tub can be one of the most exciting times. Thinking of the relaxation that you are about to have. All the relaxing nights starring up at the stars. Picking a hot tub large enough to have your friends relax in it as well. Some hot tubs have stereos, others have built-in TV’s. The options are endless.

But once the excitement and glory has worn off and the years have passed by, it is time to remove that old hot tub. That hot tub is no longer energy efficient, you spent more than a couple hundred dollars on repairs. You spend countless hours doing maintenance including putting in chemicals, emptying out the water and cleaning the headrests. The question is now what to do? Well, don’t worry a minute longer … Altitude Hauling is here to help. We specialize in removing and disposing of hot tubs so you can reclaim the space or buy a new one.

How Hot Tub Removal in Westminster Works?

We make it as easy as possible. One call and you can schedule your appointment. Our team arrives within 24 hours of calling. We cut down the old hot tub and remove it from your property. We can take old decking as well. Once the hot tub is removed, our team sweeps up and you make payment. That’s it! Altitude Hauling makes Hot Tub Removal in Westminster easy. There are only a few housekeeping items for you to do prior to our arrival. First, we ask that you unplug the hot tub from its power source. The next is please empty the hot tub of water prior to our arrival. This makes it much easier for our team if the water has been removed.

Hot Tub Removal Pricing

Our prices are the most competitive in Westminster and in the Denver area in general. The typical cost to remove a hot tub is $400-$600 depending on the size of your hot tub. Removal on decking, concrete or any other items certainly adds complication and will cost more. Our prices do include all labor, taxes and disposal fees.

Time to save some money and get your yard back. Call Altitude Hauling today to book your hot tub removal job!

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