How Junk Removal Can Give You Your Dream Home

The Inside Secret to the Best Looking Home in the Neighborhood

We’re all competitive by nature.  We want to be number one in all that we do.  That’s probably why you get a little angry every day when you drive by your neighbor’s house.  It reminds you of how much better and cleaner their yard looks than yours.  Everyone always wants to hang out at their place and it’s infuriating.  There is no reason to settle for less than the best when you know about something your neighbor might not know: there is a team of experts waiting to be called in for back up to help your home reach its full potential.

These expert super heroes don’t wear capes and masks, but rather show up with gloves and trucks to save your home from being overrun by excessive clutter and distractions that take away from the underlying beauty of your home.  Our team at Altitude Hauling is staffed professionals that might be what you’ve been needing all these years.  We want to make your home the home that all others strive to imitate.

Junk Removal Can Help You Achieve Dream Home

Your neighbors, let’s call them the Smiths, always host the neighborhood get-togethers. No matter the holiday, the Smiths are quick to show off their tidy kitchen, spacious rooms, aesthetically pleasing home décor, neat patio and deck and the all around pleasantness of their home. You don’t know how they do it.  Your own home is cluttered, over crowded with excessive furniture, and unorganized.

Altitude Hauling really understands how you feel. Sometimes, the house is just hard to maintain. You work hard, have a busy schedule, and don’t want to use limited free time to straighten up your home. It is almost a guarantee that having less in your home would keep you from feeling overwhelmed. Be it general clutter all over the house or some large items that you don’t need or use, clearing out your home of excess junk is the first step to having a beautiful and comfortable home. Luckily you don’t have to handle this task alone.

You need junk removal! Altitude Hauling can assist in the removal and disposal of almost any unused and unwanted items in your home.  With all of the unused, extra junk removed from your home, you’ll finally have room to entertain guests and be proud to do so.  Some of the ways we can help you maximize your home’s space and usability is by getting rid of the following unwanted items.

Furniture Removal:

If you are holding on to items of furniture that are worn out, broken, or simply don’t get used, it’s time to let our team take them from you with our premier furniture removal services. Even if you have to part with a piece of furniture that holds sentimental value.  There are so many more memories waiting to be created once you can finally feel comfortable with those bulky pieces out of the way.  A lot of your old furniture items are challenging to haul away from your home and might not even fit in your car.  For that reason, we’re a great way to get this job done without the hassle of renting a truck or seeking the help from friends to transport large items.


We also have the manpower and equipment necessary to haul large appliances, which is great because many of these items are too heavy and bulky to handle on your own. With your broken refrigerator out of the way, you’ll have more room for the things and people you love to have in your home.


All of those recyclable items that you’ve unintentionally hoarded for the last year an easy pick up for us.  We can properly sort and dispose of various recyclables and make sure they get to the proper facilities to be handled and recycled appropriately.  It’s often an intimidating process to sort your own waste products and then figure out where to take each type of item in order for it to be properly processed.  Our teams know exactly where everything needs to go and handle this with ease.


In addition to taking items to recycling plants or landfills, our team also partners with donation centers and can handle donating your unused clothing and apparel items. Also, there are plenty of clothes in your closet that you no longer wear or need.  Imagine how relieving it would feel to free up some space in your cluttered wardrobe and closet and get that stack of folded laundry off the end table.  All while contributing donations and receiving a tax write-off!  If you have kids, you know how quickly they outgrow their wardrobe and need new clothes.  Unless you have younger kids that will one day need their sibling’s clothes, there’s no good reason to hold on to things that don’t fit.  Many charities and donation centers gladly accept clothes in good condition, and our team can likely transport them there for you!


I can tell you without looking in your home that you have outdated technology and electronics taking up counter space and drawers. Technology evolves rapidly, so I’m sure you still have plenty of electronic devices on your countertop that have lost all value and functionality as technology has aged.  Now that more technologies are becoming obsolete, they stack up in our homes, unused.  All of these old electronics and things are being made jealous by all of the attention you give your newer phones and devices.  Luckily, a lot of these items can be donated and repurposed.  Throw them all in a box and let our team haul them off for you so we can take them to a facility where they will be refurbished and be made useful again.

Attic Junk Removal:

You continually add to the collection of junk in your attic every year. Very rarely do you take the time to sort through it and get rid of things.  This junk accumulates and makes it difficult to utilize that space well.  Don’t drown in the junk in your attic; instead, seek help from professionals who can help sort and haul away the things you no longer need.

Junk Removal Can Help You Achieve Your Dream Yard, Too

Cleaning the inside of your house is just the start.  You want your yard to reflect the welcoming environment your home is and look great to passersby. We’re capable of getting rid of all of that unwanted junk taking up space where your kids could be playing and causing your home to, frankly, be an eyesore.

Yard waste could refer to whatever you think it means.  Do you have old furniture or scrap metals resting in the backyard?  An old car rusting away?  A playset your kids have outgrown?  There is virtually no limit as to what outdoor junk removal need our partners can’t fulfill.

Some benefits to hiring Altitude Hauling to get rid of your yard waste include:

Benefit One:

You can be confident that your old junk is being recycled or reused however possible.  It’s not just sitting in a landfill. Our teams take pride in their work and prioritize minimizing environmental harm that could result from it.  Sorting and taking items to plants, waste centers, or donation centers is one way we ensure a positive impact on our entire community.

Benefit Two:

Leaving old couches or cars in the yard can actually spread diseases. These items are breeding grounds for all sorts of harmful infections or disease-carrying germs.  These germs can come from mold, rust, rainwater, animal waste or other potentially unhealthy things junk is exposed to outside.  Removing them may limit the amount of risk your family has to contract an unwanted illness.

Benefit Three:

You probably don’t have the capacity to transport your yard waste yourself. This isn’t the same as a few bags of clothing to donate to a thrift store.  Some of the things in your yard are simply too big for you to manage and haul yourself.  A professional team with the truck space and ability to handle large items is just a call away.

Benefit Four:

You’ll be able to entertain others and use your yard freely. Want to have a barbecue and throw a football around without tripping and running around those tires laying around?  Free up that space so you can have complete and total freedom to utilize your space how you please.

Benefit Five:

Your home will look more welcoming and valuable if your yard is tidy. While people say “It’s what’s on the inside that matters,” its easy to make judgments and assumptions based on appearances. Also, the way your home looks on the outside can sometimes be important to some of your neighbors.  They might be more excited to meet you if your home looks more inviting while they drive by.

Making room for what matters is a great way to feel better about your home.  Utilizing Altitude Hauling is a convenient and reliable solution when you feel overwhelmed by the junk in your home.  Once your living room and yard are cleaned and ready to host company, you’ll be able to prove to the Smiths that they aren’t the only likable family around.  Your steak tastes so much better than theirs anyway.  So, don’t deprive your neighbors of the kind of fun community you can foster.

Maintaining your home will be so much easier once you get some initial help removing the things you don’t need.  There’s no need to wait when you can be enjoying your home more right now.  Call Altitude Hauling today to discuss how we can help make your home the perfect hang out!

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