The Dangers of DIY Demolition

Why You Shouldn’t Demolish Old Structures On Your Own

Some people believe that demolishing old structures on their own is an easy task. How difficult could it be to take down an old wall or to remove dated ceilings, right? While there are some demolition jobs that you can try to do on your own, there are some that should be left for professionals to do.  Make sure you know the risks of DIY demolitions before you tackle this job yourself.

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Sometimes, however, no matter how easy a demolition job may seem to you, these should be only for experts to handle. Here are some of the main reasons why you demolition jobs should never be DIY:

Exposure to Hazardous Materials and other Dangers of DIY Demolition

demolishing parts of your home on your own can actually be more dangerous than you anticipate. When you break down a wall or tear down a ceiling, you might inadvertently expose yourself to things that can make you sick. Also in the list of things that can affect you, which can make you ill, include molds, dust, rodent droppings, and even asbestos.

Even when you use protective clothing and gear while demolishing these parts of your home, you can still find yourself exposed to such hazards. Fine particles can linger in the air long after you have done your work, which means you can still suffer from such materials and substances. When you have professionals handle this task, you keep yourself safe. This is because they have procedures and tools that are used to help eliminate such hazards before anyone is allowed in the area.

Irreparable or Expensive Damage

since you are not trained to demolish structures, when you take a large project on yourself you might find yourself damaging parts of your home. This may cost you more in the long run since these damaged parts will need to be repaired. If damaged beyond repair, you will need to have these reconstructed. This can cost you a lot.

Electrocution and Fire

Walls, ceilings, and even floors can hide electrical wiring that you might not know about. While it is mandatory that plans for homes show where these are, there are times when prior renovations neglect to add changes in the wiring to such plans. When you renovate these parts of your home and inadvertently hit wires with a swing of your crowbar or sledgehammer, you might end up electrocuting yourself. You might even set your home on fire if the exposed wires spark and ignite the old dry materials around it.

Flooding and Water Damage

just like the previous example, you might also end up hitting water and sewage pipes that are not on blueprints when you try to demolish stuff on your own. Hitting pipes that provide your home with water or striking sewage pipes can cause you a lot of problems. Aside from flooding and the loss of the functionality of these pipes, you also need to face the additional cost of water damage repair.

Injury to Self and Others

Let’s not forget the fact that equipment and tools used for DIY demolitions are not exactly easy to use or safe to use by amateurs. If you have not used a sledgehammer or crowbar to break apart a wall in the past, you might expose yourself to injuries when using them. The same goes for other equipment used in such a task, such as saws, drills, and other similar tools.

Who to Contact When You Need Demolition

To ensure your safety and the safety of those around you, and to ensure that unwanted damage is avoided, you should always consider hiring a professional to do your demolition jobs for you. In Denver, the company you can trust with light demolition jobs is Altitude Hauling. Aside from being a premier junk hauling company, we also provide other services such as demolition services and concrete removal.

To find out how we can help, and to get a quote for the jobs that you need to be completed, contact us at 720-669-8523. You can also book your demolition and junk hauling needs online for a hefty discount.

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